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Arkhangelsk Science Center

The Arkhangelsk Science Centre of the Ural Branch of RAS obtained its current status in October 2001. The Centre’s Presidium is headed by Dr. Sci. (economics) Prof. Vladimir I. Pavlenko.

The Centre plays an important role in furthering science and engineering in the Russian North, particularly through the encouragement of interdisciplinary research and the integration of research and education.

The diverse and competitive research staff of 225 employees currently hosts 18 doctors of sciences and 69 candidates of sciences.

The scale of research is substantial involving the following key fields:

  • development of a system for integrated ecological monitoring in the Northern European part of Russia and bounding Arctic water areas;
  • research into the interior structure, geodynamics, seismicity, and mineral deposits of the Arctic territories;
  • scientific fundamentals for the sustainable development and exploitation of natural resources in the Northern territories;
  • issues of cultural ecology in the North of Russia;
  • fundamental and applied research to support and guide the development of the Northern Sea Route;
  • research in the sphere of transport and energy infrastructure development in the Arctic zone of Russia;
  • development of the social and labour structure in the North of Russia;
  • research into endocrine and immune adaptation mechanisms of human and animal organisms to the changing environmental conditions;
  • reserve capacity of the organism at high latitudes and the methods for correction of physiological functions.

The Centre presents itself at home and throughout the world by its accomplishments in fundamental research, which have both theoretical and practical relevance.

The vibrant and energetic research culture is bolstered by close collaboration with the RAS institutes, the Universities of the Region, foreign colleagues from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Lithuania.

The Institute incorporates

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