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Chelyabinsk Science Center

 The Chelyabinsk Science Centre was established in 1991 with a primary mission to generate and share fundamental knowledge and innovations. The Centre is applying its expertise to solving social, economic and engineering problems confronting the development of the Chelyabinsk region.

The Centre provides coordination over research projects carried out by its structural bodies; collaboration with the R&D organizations to ensure knowledge and technology transfer between science, education and industry; elaboration of the strategy for sustainable scientific and industrial development.

The Centre develops the community of scientists and engineers able to embrace fundamental topics of science, as well as regional tasks to boost economic and social prosperity.

The Centre is headed by the RAS Corresponding Member Vsevolod N. Anfilogov. The staff of scientific organizations consists of 216 employees including 7 doctors of sciences and 49 candidates of sciences. The staff is engaged in organization of science and technology councils, boards and task groups to tackle complex multi-faceted issues in the region. The Centre provides consulting service in the area of protection and sustainable development of natural resources and labor potential.

The Chelyabinsk Science Centre comprises several establishments:

- Institute of Mineralogy (Miass);

- Ilmen State Reserve (Miass);

- The Department of Algorithmic Topology;

- The Department of Fundamental Problems of Aerospace Technologies;

- Institute of Metallurgy, Chelyabinsk Affiliate;

- Institute of Economics, Chelyabinsk Affiliate;

- Institute of History and Archeology, Chelyabinsk Affiliate.

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