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Komi Science Center

The Komi Science Centre of the Ural Branch of RAS is the largest research complex in the European North of Russia. It comprises six Institutes and a number of establishments to focus on and further develop core areas of research:

The research environment is enhanced by own publishing base, scientific libraries and archives, the Museum of Geology, Biology and Archaeology. The Centre's Presidium comprises two academicians and four RAS corresponding members. The Presidium plays a critical role in determining science and engineering priorities in the field of comprehensive development of renewable, raw mineral, and energy resources of the European North, in strategic planning of the productive force growth, in promoting mutually beneficial liaison with the partner organisations of RAS and regional government.

At the present time the Centre employs over 1100 research and related staff, including 92 doctors of sciences and 332 candidates of sciences. It promotes greater diversity in the science and engineering workforce by hosting the Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science (DSc) courses, as well as the Dissertation Councils aimed at the thesis defence (viva voce). Academician A.M. Askhabov, whose works on mineralogy and crystallography have gained worldwide recognition, has headed the Centre since 2006.

The principle Centre’s function is coordination of the scientific efforts in the Region to build bridges and synchronise research activities. There are solid long-term international links evidenced by numerous annual conferences and settings both of global and all-Russia levels.

The scientific schools of the Komi Science Centre being widely renowned are those of Academician N.P. Yushkin on mineralogy, Academician M. P. Roshchevsky on ecological physiology, and Academician Yu.S. Ovodov on molecular immunology and biotechnology. Amongst other traditional research directions are the study of the North, Finno-Ugristics and radioecology.

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