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Orenburg Science Center

The Orenburg Science Centre of the RAS was established in 2001 with an incentive to enhance basic and applied research across diverse areas of science and engineering, underpinning social, economic and technological development of the Orenburg region.

The Presidium of the Centre is headed by Academician Oleg V. Bukharin. Currently the staff consists of 138 employees, including one academician, one RAS corresponding member, 17 doctors of sciences and 45 candidates of sciences.

The Centre is committed to cutting-edge research with a particular emphasis on:

  • the study of persistent properties of microorganisms and their role in symbiotic bacterial and host-specific relations; the development of medical and laboratory technologies based on persistent properties of microorganisms; working out scientific fundamentals for microbiological monitoring;
  • the study of natural and biological diversity in the steppe and forest-steppe regions aimed at elaboration of ecological and geographical stem-forming principles of effective land exploitation in the steppe zone; creation of geographic information systems to monitor and predict the dynamics of the ecological situation in the steppe regions;
  • a comprehensive study of geohydrological environment in the Southern Urals and Volga region followed by the development of nature-preserving mechanisms, design and forecast of the ecological situation considering anthropogenic impact on the environment;
  • analysis of production facilities and labour allocation in the Southern Urals and Orenburg region aimed at overall evaluation of social and economic situation in order to suggest adequate measures for the effective region development.

The Orenburg Science Center incorporates the following Institutes and Departments:

  • Institute of Cellular and Intracellular Symbiosis;
  • Institute of Steppe;
  • The Department of Geoecology;
  • Institute of Economics, Orenburg Affiliate.

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