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Udmurt Science Center

The Udmurt Science Centre of the Ural Branch of RAS was created in December 1991 with the principle mission of boosting sustainable development of science and engineering fields underpinning socio-economic and cultural prosperity of the Udmurt Republic.

The Institutions comprising the Centre currently host 350 research and administrative staff, including 47 doctors of sciences and 119 candidates of sciences. The Chairman of the Udmurt Science Centre is Academician Aleksey M. Lipanov.

The Centre boasts internationally recognized research schools on gas and fluid mechanics, surface physics and X-ray electron spectroscopy; the study of Finno-Ugric and Ural Ethology; regional economics. The fundamental research yields important results being applied in the rocket and space-system engineering; in the development of new generations of metallic and composite materials, nanosystems; in the elucidation of cultural and historical identity of Finno-Ugric people; as well as in the economy of the Region.

The Centre’s research strategy holds a strong emphasis on collaboration with research organizations and scientists from the USA, Japan, Germany, China, Finland, Hungary and many other countries. It regularly welcomes scientific research conferences and settings on a national and global scale.

The Centre incorporates three Institutes and several departments within which research takes place:

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