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Basic Research

The Ural Brach of RAS is dedicated to achieving world-level excellence in fundamental research across priority areas of science and engineering.
UB RAS’s researchers seek to maintain the highest standards of research through addressing the most relevant topics, development of new effective research methods, efficient use of information, financial, equipment, and human potential of academic science.
Core long-term objectives:
  • Advanced development of fundamental research;
  • Promotion of fundamental research efficiency and competition;
  • Involvement in the development and execution of nation-wide research projects, federal targeted programmes, programmes of the Presidium and divisions of RAS, collaborative research projects with the Siberian and Far Eastern Branches of RAS;
  • Boosting interdisciplinary research;
  • Refining the research agenda to ensure its alignment with federal and regional priorities;
  • Development of the UB RAS’s programmes aimed at meeting region-specific scientific, technological, social, and environmental challenges;
  • Promotion of international collaboration.

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